Invited Speaker at the Transport Studies Unit, University of Oxford,

Oxford Talks: The Resiliency of Quito’s Information Car ShareOXFORD7 2OXFORD7Oxford, UK| Oct 2018

Speaker at University of Sussex, UK.

Sharing ideas about the resiliency of Quito’s Informal Transport at the University of Sussex, UK.DqXvJFAWoAEYSwO.jpg-largeBrighton, UK| Oct 2018

PUCE SI 5to EARQ Realidades en Transformación

Paradigmas Urbanos, La Ciudad InformalIMG_281637346198_10160667333320344_752909364716634112_oQuito, Ecuador | Jul 2018

AEDEC EC Telesucesos [Fuerza Motriz, Television series]

Urban Planning in the City of Quito: Interviewing Vanessa Guerra

Quito, Ecuador | Feb 2018.

Speaker at Cityworks (Xpo)

Seventh Year of Celebrating Big Ideas for Better Places
As cities deal with the effects of climate change and population growth, informal practices have become more common over the years. Although these practices are often stereotyped as urban mistakes, acknowledging the potential of the informal sector, and paying attention to what we can learn from it, could lead to the start of a new approach to alleviate poverty, empower isolated communities, and promote sustainable development.
Cityworks Xpo

Roanoke VA, USA. October 2017

Speaker at TEDx Quito

Paradigmas de la Ciudad Informal


Ecuador | June 2017

Speaker at RSA Latin America Division Conference

Urbanisation in Latin America: Exclusion, Marginality and Conflict. São Paulo, Brazil

RSA website

São Paulo, Brazil | May 2017

Thank you to Community Voices from Virginia Tech for an insightful workshop and interview with Ethan Kent, Senior Vice President of Project for Public Spaces.
Listen to the Trustees Without Borders interview here:

Virginia USA | October 2016

Forum Moderator

Foro de la Ciudad No. 69: Colegio de Arquitectos del Ecuador – P.

PrintQuito, Ecuador | June 2016

EL COMERCIO Opinion Article

Artículo de Opinión: Diario El Comercio

Conference at USFQ University

Universidad San Francisco de Quito
Quito, Ecuador | May 2016

Seminar Coordinator

Coordinación Seminario Habitat III – Universidad San Francisco de Quito

Quito, Ecuador | May 2016

Conference at USQF University

Planificación Urbana: Ciudades Sostenibles


Quito, Ecuador | March 2015

Newspaper Article on Bailey’s First Place

Juniata College: Campus News


Pennsylvania, USA | March 2010

Newspaper Article on Bailey’s First Place

Universidad San Francisco de Quito: Blog Oficial

Speech at Suzanne von Liebig Theatre

First Place: Bailey Oratorical Contest  – Juniata College

“In the 21st century, what is the ‘pursuit of happiness’ and what are the implications of that pursuit?” 

Pennsylvania, USA | March 2010